Whether you're aiming to:

  • correct poor posture
  • rebuild a weak core
  • strengthen a muscle group following injury
  • restore range of motion to a shoulder after surgery 
  • increase proprioceptive* feedback from a injured ankle
  • improve altered balance following a whip-lash injury 

our Chiropractors will guide you to where you need to be - using personalised strengthening exercises, stretches, and balance programs.

We also integrate Physitrack® into your specifically designed rehabilitation program. Physitrack® uses fully narrated instructional videos of people performing each exercise. You can watch them as many times as you like and simply follow what they do on screen. Easy!

*Propriception is the bodies ability to sense where and what a joint is doing at any given time. If the messages from the joint to the brain are not strong enough due to immobilisation after a fracture or altered use following an injury, that joint becomes susceptible to further damage as the brain is unable to know what it needs to do to stabilise it.


make a booking today and get back to where you want to be - strong, fit, pain free