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A little bit about us:

Our Chiropractors aren't just about spines, we address all the joints and muscles of the body. We are your neuromusculo-skeletal practitioners.

By engaging with your nervous system we harness the neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain and nervous sytem to learn) where we are able to recondition and strengthen the representation of each part of the body in the brain.

When your brain stores a strong connection with each body part it can then communicate and receive messages from that area with better accuracy.

Sounds complex, but your body is complex also.  

We have extensive experience working with sports teams and athletes, gym junkies, weekend warriors and desk jockeys.

Whether you’re experiencing:

-migraines or tension headaches

-back and neck pain

-sciatica (leg pain)

-frozen shoulder or rotator cuff injuries

-tennis or golfers elbow

-plantar fasciitis 

- or just feeling a bit flat and not quite "balanced