About Us

We're not just about spines, we address all the joints and muscles of the body.

Our team has extensive experience working with sports teams, athletes, gym junkies, weekend warriors and desk jockeys. Whether you’re experiencing chronic migraines or headaches following a whiplash injury, a frozen shoulder after what appeared to be a minor injury, tennis elbow but don't even play tennis, or common lifestyle related issues such as back or neck pain caused by incorrect posture and stress, we take the time to:

• Provide a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your condition or injury

• Design a precise and tailored treatment plan which aims to minimise your    recovery time

• Teach you long term self-management and preventative strategies

Our view is that most conditions need to be addressed in multiple ways and often using different treatment modalities. In addition to manipulation, we utilise a range of soft tissue techniques, dry needling, sports and injury taping, as well as creating individualised strengthening, stretching and balance programs, in order to treat such conditions as carpal tunnel, sprained ankles, torn hamstrings, shin splints, and rotator cuff injuries.

We also work closely with your other specialists (GPs, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists) to help you get the most out of your treatment and recover quicker. 


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